"April Walden is a god send. I am a person who has had sensitive, acne prone skin my entire life.  After seeing many dermatologists, doctors, skin specialists, I finally found April.  She has FIXED my skin.  April is incredibly understanding, accomodating, knowledgable, receptive, and truly gifted.  I apprectiate April's approach to skin care because she is clinical and holistic.  She addresses internal issues as well as external.  I am so grateful for the time she puts into me; making my skin better and giving me self confidence.  Her prices are completely reasonable and worth every penny.  She also waxes eyebrows (etc.) perdfectly and tints my blonde eyelashes so I don't always have to wear mascara!"

-Whitney D


"April Is a blessing pure and simple.  I am lucky not to have had acne issues as amentioned by the other reviewers and can only speak to the treatments she has given me, my teenage daughter and my mother.  My Mom and I receive the most thoroughly hydrating, calming and age defying facials I've ever been lucky enough to have.  Her peels are amazing, and I have my eyelashes dyed beautifully, and consistently to avoid wearing mascara.  I get compliments on my 44 year old skin constantly.  No one can believe my age relative to the health and appearance of my skin.  I know this is because of April and the holistic, quality attention and treatments she administers.  She is a genius!  My teen daughter adores her and has had her acne held at bay by April, and my Mom has April-fied glowing young skin as well!"

 -Janci F


"I love April!  She has helped me out so much!  I started breaking out when I got pregnant and she has helped me clear my face using natural products and facials. She also does a great brow wax!  Convenient location on Old South Gaylord.  I would recommend her to everyone!"

 -Diana B


"After years with no skin issues, I started experiencing "late-30's teenage skin".   While the dermatologist recommended a Retin-A treatment (which I was not excited about), April was able to get to the core (literally) of my skin issues and help me rebuild a skin regimen without the use of prescription skincare.  After a few treatments with April and the pointers she provided for at-home skincare, I am back to clear and healthy skin again.   I couldn't be happier."  

-Chrissy C